Media and Technology Coordinator to the Poet Laureate

I am very pleased to welcome Tasha Bushnell, who will serve as Media and Technology Coordinator for the Poet Laureate. While I’ve known Tasha for years, I realize some of you will not be familiar with her, so here’s a brief bio and photo so you can begin to get to know her and her amazing talents a bit better. Welcome, Tasha! I am delighted to have you join me in this marvelous poetic adventure!


Tasha Bushnell

Tasha Bushnell, Media and Technology Coordinator to the Poet Laureate, holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. Her poetry has been published in Confluence and Map Points. She works at Indiana‚Äôs best-loved bookstore, Hyde Brothers, Booksellers. She is happily married and has two impressive daughters.

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